“Mr. Robertson has worked closely with our court team. We have seen wonderful results with individuals we have sent there”

Judge Janice Warder Dallas, TX

“I highly recommend the House of Isaiah… it is an excellent program for rehabilitation...The House of Isaiah has a high success rate of long term residential recovery center”

Judge John C. Creuzot Dallas, TX

“ I would like to highly recommend to your department the House of Isaiah….I have found the recovery rate of those phenomenal.”

Judge Phil Barker Dallas, TX

“I am glad to recommend the House of Isaiah… since his facility has a great long term success rate, I am a supportive of his rehabilitation program and recommend him as a provider”

Judge Robert W. Francis Dallas, TX

"I believe strongly in the rehabilitative aspects of the House of Isaiah's in-patient program for men. The House of Isaiah is an important componet in the overall seccess of my D.I.R.E.C.T Drug court Program.

I am happy to recommend the House of Isaiah as an excellent treatment facility."

Judge Wayne F. Salvant Fort Worth, TX