Effective Drug And Alcohol Dependency Treatment

Find a safe, effective solution to your problems with drugs and alcohol dependency. House of Isaiah recovery center in Mabank, Texas, provides non-medical drug and alcohol recovery programs for men. Isiah Robertson himself struggled with addiction, and seeks to pass on practical information to young men going through similar struggles to overcome addiction.


Seven Steps

Turn your life around by going through the seven steps to recovery. Our program includes:

• Spirituality Program
• Drug & Alcohol Program
• Recovery
• Education
• Counseling & Life Skills
• 12-Step Program
• After Care

Cost Effective

Our program is cost-effective and accessible to everyone. We are funded by corporations, churches, and private pay clients.

Person with Drink - Drug And Alcohol Dependency

Program Overview

The House of Isaiah recovery center, a peaceful, serene setting, strongly conducive to overcome addiction and gain personal and spiritual growth, is located in rural Texas far removed from the snares and temptations of city life. It is a private, non-profit corporation, originally founded by Mr. Isiah Robertson as a long-term shelter. Our target population is adult males eighteen (18) to fifty (50) years of age with drug and alcohol dependency. The House of Isaiah is not affiliated with any church or other religious organization. Our residents are referred by pastors, family members, probation departments, counselors, physicians, treatment centers, family service agencies and other ministries. The House of Isaiah is funded by corporate and private donations, private pay, churches, and public speaking engagements. We operate a four-phase, six-month residential program and a supportive AfterCare program.

Step Zero:  I’m Done

The Bible Study phase of the 7-Step program builds a strong biblical foundation, a relationship with God. Through daily teaching and motivation the Holy Spirit renews our clients minds and instills the importance of step zero, “I’m Done!” We have found that often overlooked is the reiteration of the fact, that as chemically dependent people in recovery using is not an option. We are done using! At House of Isaiah we are fully persuaded that one of the essential ingredients to successful recovery is God. We believe in impartation or the transfer of spiritual wisdom through biblically based teaching. We encourage our clients to build a strong spiritual foundation while at the recovery center. Initially some clients may have little or no concept of a higher power. Through our diverse teaching we allow our clients to grow at their own pace. Our clients participate in daily bible study which provides a positively charged spiritual attitude in approaching each day. A facet of their program encouraged to continue within the structure of their daily lives.

Step One:  Spirituality Program

Our Spirituality Program incorporates a variety of material to stimulate spiritual growth. We cover elementary spiritual principles that hold true in life. Once the chemically dependant person realizes he is powerless over the chemical, we find that in God we tap into our source of powerful living and daily life.

Step Two:  Recovery Program

The Recovery program is a 24 week program on a rotation. Since the daily material is on a rotation this keeps the material new and fresh no matter when a client enters the program. Our clients learn to build a social network of friends in recovery, find a sponsor, talk recovery, walk recovery and live day to day in recovery.

Step Three:  12 Step Program

We provide our clients with ample exposure to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics
Anonymous. Our 12-Step program material is rotates on a 24 week schedule, allowing classes to be more personal and precise for each clients’ needs. Both of these twelve step programs incorporate spirituality and self-examination, as well as fellowship. This dynamic is another essential to successful recovery. We believe as you practice these “steps of progress” your behavior will gradually begin to change. But more importantly, your understanding of yourself, your concept of God and your relationships with others will improve, providing a strong foundation for a lasting recovery, and a healthy and productive life.

Step Four:  Life Skills Program

The Life Skills program is a series of lessons specifically designed to approach Spirituality, Recovery, and 12-Steps from a life application standpoint. Life Skills is the education and practice of applicable behaviors and attitudes in real life scenarios. Many addicted persons not only have a problem with substance abuse, but also with daily living. Along with orientation, we further this step by teaching and practice of goal setting, anger management, parenting, and building self-esteem.

Step Five:  Education Program

This step is vital to the long-term success of the recovering individual. Many chemically dependent people, as result of their addiction, choose to give up on their education. We believe by building-up the “whole man” that the client should pursue achieving a G.E.D. and looking toward furthering their education. We provide G.E.D. classes and S.A.T. prep classes so that our clients can build confidence back as well as selfesteem. Often through chemical dependence we have “sold ourselves short,” this is a reversible process and we teach, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Isiah Robertson

Step Six:  Counseling

Finally, Out-Patient Counseling ties all of our steps together. We believe individual counseling is important to chemically dependent persons especially new in recovery. Out-Patient counseling is not a service provided by House of Isaiah, and is not a requirement of HOI, however, to provide our clients with the best recovery possible, those who wish to receive counseling are referred to DeRisa Payne LCDC, and Rhonda Horton LPC. Who through the past years have had great success and played an constructive role in many of our clients lives. Transportation to and from out-patient counseling is provided to those who elect to sign up to see Ms. DeRisa Payne and/or Ms. Rhonda Horton.

Step Seven:  After Care/Re-entry Program
House of Isaiah believes that Residential Recovery is the beginning, not the end, of the recovery process for individuals. Because of this, there is a belief and strong focus on the next step in recovery,
Continuing Care begins upon admission in the assessment phase of residential recovery and continues through graduation, at which time the client has clearly defined, an individualized plan for ongoing recovery. The entire recovery team is responsible for the relapse prevention and continuing care planning, with team members having specialized areas of focus. Clients are encouraged to formulate a written Continuing Care Plan. House of Isaiah considers the Continuing Care Plan to be one of the most important tools a patient takes with them. Through collaboration by the recovery team and client, each individual leaves the recovery center with a solid plan for continued success in their recovery.

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